Frequently Asked Questions

Writing Services

1. What kind of papers do you write?

We write following types of papers:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Project Reports
  • Lab Reports
  • Business proposals
  • Marketing plans
  • Research paper
  • Thesis paper
  • Research proposal
  • Dissertations
  • Reflection reports
  • Book reviews
  • Movie review
  • Song comparisons
  • Biography
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Resume
  • Portfolios
  • Software work

2. What levels do you write for?

We write for undergraduates, postgraduates, Masters, PhD and other professional level.

3. How do you collect information?

We ask you to fill a form asking category, subject, field, service type, software used, language to be used, writing standards and provide every small detail about your paper by attaching requirement list, sources to be used, work pattern or paper outline.

Writing Duration

4. How much time do you need to write a paper?

It depends on the duration you provide. We offer different work duration packages with different tariffs.

5. How do you manage short deadline papers?

We have a passionate and experienced team of writers, who know how to divide large order into sections and provide error free paper to be delivered in few hours.

Placing Order

6. Where and when can I find you?

We are available at every corner of the world via internet and round the clock.

7. How can I get information about you?

You can get the latest updates about our new writing services, discount packages, and other inquiry through our website.

8. How can I place an order?

You can place your order by visiting our web page and filling a form. You will be provided with the link where you can pay for your order.

9. What are your guarantees?

We guarantee the quality papers written by professionals and delivered on time.

Paper Standards

10. What level of writing do you want?

We offer three different levels of writing platinum, premium and standard. These paper standards vary on the basis of quality and cost because the level of qualification and experience of these writers are different from each other.

11. How can I choose a standard for my paper?

We provide quality work to all customers, only difference seen is in the quality preferences. You can choose standard according to the grade and education level. If your educational level is PhD, you should select Platinum.

12. What will I pay for?

You pay for the quality level you order.

Order Delivery

13. How do you deliver the order?

We deliver order online by keeping security of your document as main concern.

14. When do I receive my order?

You receive your order before defined deadline.

15. What will happen in case of delay?

There is no way that order gets delayed. Delay in order delivery could be because of holding order on your request or waiting for the complete information.

Holding Order

16. Why is an order held?

When customers don’t reply to our query, when there is a delay in instalments when information provided is not enough, when there is a misunderstanding in interpreting instructions, we hold order.

17. Why you hold order?

When we ask for data to be provided by you, when you are not confirmed about the instructions at your end, when you want us to write in segments, and delay from supervisors feedback, you can ask for holding the order.

18. How will it be then executed?

Once the information and instructions are clear to both the writer and student, work is processed from where it was left.

Order Reviewing

19. Why will you review your paper?

If we unintentionally make any mistake or requirements are not fulfilled by the writer, we accept the review request and make the amendments accordingly.

20. When will you not review the paper?

If you ask for changes not informed before, requesting additional word count without paying, and making invalid review request.

21. How many times will you review my paper?

As long as your requirements are not fulfilled by the writer you can ask for revisions.

Order Cancelation

22. In what situation we cancel order?

Placing order with high requirement list and short word count, providing wrong or incomplete paper instructions, providing wrong document or data and delay in advance payment will lead to your order cancellation.

23. In what situation do you cancel order?

If you don’t receive an immediate response, timely updates or drafts requested, not satisfied with the draft/language quality, inaccurate information used, and not receiving the paper standard ordered, you have a right to cancel order.

Order Refunding

24. When can I ask for refund?

In case of late delivery, poor quality, failing in assignment or receiving paper not fulfilling instructions, you can ask for refund.

25. When Can I not ask for refund?

If case of failing due to late submission from your side, providing wrong or incomplete information, failing because of making amendments in order you receive, after requesting several revisions and passing from average marks, you cannot claim for refund.

Payment procedure

26. How will I pay?

You will pay online by making payments via PayPal, credit card, debit card, E-check, visa card, master card.

27. When will I pay?

You will pay online by making payments via PayPal, credit card, debit card, E-check, visa card, master card.

28. For what services should I pay?

You pay only for writing pages, not for the cover page/title page, content table page, referencing page, bibliography page, and appendices.

29. Who receives discount?

We have a discount policy for our regular customers. After making full payment of your first order you will be entitled to our discount packages.

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