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Being student and working professional, I usually come across with different situations when I have to write different writing pieces. For different situations, I have written in different style while maintaining the requirements pattern for the situation. Different types of writing that I have used for meeting the expectations of my writing pieces include narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, and exploratory essay type. In addition to number of essay types, I have also written in formal business report, business memos, research proposals and case studies type for my clients and higher management. However, amongst different writing type, I mostly prefer writing in essay type because I personally feel more comfortable in essay type pattern, as it is simple and convenient to manage thought for putting down.


I personally agree that writing type change with the situation, because every situation has different requirement based on which problem or subject has to be addressed. Writing types affect the pattern and layout of the writing type, which further influence the deliverance of the issues in timely manners. Moreover, specific writing type is associated with particular situation such as business, academic research proposal and essay. An essay is considered as flexible in terms of allowing the writer to write about the chosen issues or phenomena. On the other hand, business report is supposed to be formal writing with standards measures such as executive summary, identify the business core issues along with remedial actions for them. Therefore, I regard that for different situation, there is always need of choosing different writing type, so that writer can easily express himself to be understood by readers.

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