Write Dissertation Methodology using Saunders’s Research Onion Framework

The Research Onion is a conceptual framework developed by Mark Saunders and his colleagues, and it consists of different layers or levels, each representing a different aspect of the research process in custom dissertation writing. Apply the Research Onion to your dissertation methodology.

Philosophy: At the core of the Research Onion is the philosophical approach. You need to determine your philosophical stance, which can be positivist, interpretivist, or critical. Your choice will influence the type of data you collect, your research methods, and your overall research design in A Plus custom dissertation writing.

Approach: Once you've chosen your philosophical stance, you'll need to decide on your research approach in personalized dissertation writing. This could be deductive (from theory to data) or inductive (from data to theory). Your approach will guide your research design and data collection methods.

Strategy: The next layer involves selecting your research strategy. This could be experimental, survey, case study, ethnography, or others. Skilled dissertation writer’s choice depends on the nature of your research question and the practicality of using a particular strategy.

Data Collection Methods: Determine the specific methods you will use to collect data. Will you conduct interviews, surveys, observations, content analysis, or use a combination of methods? Or buy dissertation help from a best dissertation writing service. This decision should align with your research strategy.

Time Horizons: A university dissertation writer decides on the time horizon for your research. Is it cross-sectional, longitudinal, or a case-specific time frame? This choice is often linked to your research strategy and approach.

Data Analysis Techniques: Choose the techniques you'll use to analyze the data you collect. This may involve qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, or a mixed-methods approach. Your choice should align with your research design and research question.

Quality and Validity: At the outermost layer of the Research Onion, consider issues related to the quality and validity of your research. Discuss how you will ensure the reliability and validity of your data and results. Mention any measures you will put in place to enhance the trustworthiness of your study.

Justification: Throughout your methodology chapter, make sure to justify each of your choices based on the layer of the Research Onion. Explain how your philosophical stance informed your approach, which in turn influenced your strategy, methods, and so on. Provide a clear rationale for why your chosen methods are the most appropriate for your research question.

Flexibility: Be aware that the Research Onion is a flexible model. It allows you to adapt and adjust your research methods as you progress through your research. If you encounter unexpected challenges or opportunities during your study, you can revisit and revise your methodology while staying within the overarching framework.

Applying the Saunders Research Onion model to your dissertation methodology involves a systematic and well-justified approach to designing your research methods. Get support from cheap writing deal if needed.


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