Privacy Policys

When you approach our writing services you trust us by providing information. Thus, to validate your trust we facilitate you with the detailed information about what information we expect from you, why we take your information and what we do with it. We believe that it is your eternal right to know about your information policy. Thus, here we provide each and every detail for your surety that your information is in secure hands.

Collecting Personal Information

Our service providers consume two types of personal information your identifiable information, which you provide while filling the form such as name, Email ID, phone number, city, country and other personal details while other is the non-identifiable which our service providers extract such as time of visiting website, IP address, and search engine. We do not ask for your Credit Card, Pay pal or any other paying details. After placing the order you are taken towards an authentic payment procedure followed by a third party.


We store information locally on your system by setting small cookies whenever you visit our website. This may also include personal information such as web history and information about your browsing pattern. The purpose of setting these small files or local storage in your system is to improve your experience.


The trust you show in our writing services by providing your personal information, is our prime concern. We assure you the security of your data we collect and we guarantee its utilisation will be monitored by SSL. In case of utilization of your information for any other purpose, you will be informed first and will be assessed after acquiring your information.

Disclosure Policy

We pursue a strict personal information disclosure policy by protecting your data. However, the information collected is utilised to ensure the usage of satisfactory experience of the website. Data we collect is utilised in two situations: personal data such as username and ID is used for the identification purpose while non-personal data is used to keep the business record.

Custom Data Protection

You can set your own data protection policy. We offer a customization in your privacy with which you can control what information you want to share and what not. We do not force you to put information that you do not want to share with anyone. Our service is, however, reserved for adults and facilitates only 18+ individuals.

Change in Policy

This is to be mentioned that we hold the right to make any certain changes within the privacy policy. However, in order to mitigate any misconception or miscommunication and to keep our customers update with the amendments made by the policy documentation regular visit to privacy policy page is highly recommended.

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