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During the module, I learned to be personally unified in my thought about the selection of career and importance of personal skills and career interest development. I always realized that in order to have success especially in today’s competitive world it is essential to understand and know the right use of personal as well as professional skills for the right job and for the right use of skills and competencies the more important thing is to figure out those skills and flourish it according to need of the profession. The module has been throughout useful for me to develop the understanding with myself including skills, strengths and weaknesses and the professional success I always wanted to achieve. However, I have earned great deal of understanding with the development of skills and potential to evaluate my skills to achieve a particular job, during this module; I also found the answer of my question about how to modify the skills to meet the responsibilities or duties of a job. I realized that meeting a job requirements does not mean to be distracted from your professional ambition but rather to be focused on the need of being able to fulfill the requirement, but in the same context I also learned that I have common lack of understanding with the basis of self assessment for professional objective.

During this module, I experienced difficulties with doing session based exercises. However, the learning outcomes of the exercises were clear and understood but I had difficulty with performing these exercises practically as a result of lack of understanding with instructions. In order to overcome my difficulty with performing exercise I first tried to identify the reason of the problem. Since I have always had problem with understanding the instructions and their accurate interpretation, I here identified it the major trouble for getting success in the module as without completing the exercise I would not be entitled the module and constant difficulty with the understanding of the exercise instructions had been preventing me to be successful in the module.  To find some help regarding the difficulty of understanding the instructions, I first consulted my module tutor to give me some extra time and teach me how to understand the instructions and follow them appropriately. After the help I got from my tutor I felt improvement and by and by I learned to interpret the instructions in better way. This help did not only support me in doing the course successfully but also very helpful in future professional and practical life.


 During the module, I recognized different personal areas of strength and weakness and identification of strengths and weaknesses were very helpful for me in choosing professional field for me in future. As strength I have found self confidence and competent to express myself in effective ways and these strengths were not known by me before. Different exercise during the module have been very effective to identify both strengths and weaknesses such as during the first session of self and course introduction, I observed that many of the students have problems with expressing themselves but also they did not have enough confidence to stand up speak for themselves. I, on the other hand, had been confident expressing myself such as sharing my goals and ambitions and also able to speak for my ambitions and ideas effectively by giving them examples. After this exercise I also realized that I am good at explaining the things especially complicated ideas and also received positive response from them because to explain the ideas I used the example from everyday life.     

Besides the identification of strengths I had also been focused on the identification of my weakness as I am always keen to work on my weak sides. During the module I identified that I have problem with understanding the exercise instructions and appropriate interpretation of those instructions. Another weakness I identified is lack of self understanding including self exploration and personal and professional skills. Throughout the session I realized that I had not been aware of my personal and professional skills; moreover, I did not know before how to use my skills in productive ways or how to use the personal and professional skills to achieve professional ambitions. Since the module aimed to give understanding with the career interests, focus and awareness of the concept of professionalism, I gained the understanding of personal and professional skills and“What is success for me?” had been the most exploring experience for me in the same regard. This session of the module gave me a chance to ask questions to myself and answer them accordingly. In order to get better understanding with exercise of“What is success for me?” I recalled my past experiences and evaluated them to answer my questions.

During this module, I identified different opportunities and threats. The exploration of opportunities and threats were the result of understanding with the personal strengths and weaknesses as understanding with the strengths helped me to understand the myself, personal skills and professional success that I can earn on the basis on my strengths and vice versa. Throughout the module I realized that there are so many things that I did not ever know such as awareness with personal and professional skills, evaluation of a profession according to those skills and the way these skills can be best used in professional environment.


The module also provided with opportunity to get to know personal strengths and weaknesses as I have not been aware of the tools to evaluate personality strengths and weaknesses. To know strengths and weaknesses this module can be helpful throughout the life specifically in making important decisions.

However, knowing the strengths had been good experience, but on the other hand encountering the weaknesses and the fact that there is lacking in me was the most threatening thing. Moreover, in the situation where there are many students in this module and getting awareness with the personal and professional skills it could create a great professional competitiveness as every student would have passed through the assessment and they know how to get over it. During the session“My life story- my SOWT” I clarified leverage in the areas of self interpretation, professional ambitions and personal skills and my understanding with the desired job description, however, I also clarified the vulnerabilities in the areas of computer skills as computer skills are considered as the most basic and essential skill requirement for every job. For getting better understanding with computer skills I tried to find such computer based programs that can help me in overcoming the lacking.

What I have been studying and thinking about during this module has challenged me in the ways to reconsider my approach to get professional success by knowing strengths and overcoming my weaknesses. I had been studying business administration and always ignored the importance of understanding the need of knowing my personal and professional skills and potential in the same regards. This module has challenged me to think about my selection of subject and its matching with my career interest and career goals. Besides, having understood the professional skills with the profession I am interested in, the next important challenge was the approach to adopt meeting the career interest with the subject I chose to study.      


During the module I have been puzzled by the level of differences between the information gathered from informal sources such as electronic media and paper media and formal sources. I have always relied on the informal sources for professional information including how to write a job application, and how to appear in the interviews. Since the information I have earned from informal sources were also based on the self interpretation but the contradiction between the level of difference literally surprising. This level of differences between formal and informal source of professional information was really thought provoking and I further learned about it by discussing the matter with my tutors.

This issue with the source of information for professional and personal information raised question about me as so much depend on the informal sources. After realizing the difference at one level of professional approach I decided to identify other matter where I have much relied on such sources. The reason for doing this was to be clear about the differences and authenticity of source of information.

With the understanding of information source, I realized that in everyday life not much attention is given to self realization and self exploration, for example the selection of a professional subject usually involves personal assessment which really matters to find the best selection of profession and having successful professional career; on the other hand, it is observed that personal skills assessment is ignored by people. Another connection is the role of psychology in the personal and professional assessment with the history which is very important in understanding the personality. Nowadays human psychology is center of personal and professional assessment while in history there no concept of personal assessment and this concept were raised with the emergence of psychology. Since today the idea of professional assessment for selection of profession and preparation for professional practice has become important part of life, to me the course helped to find the relevant information based on practice.

However, I have learned a lot during the module but if I could re-take the module the reason would be to be more focus on my weaknesses and the way I can better drive my strengths for achieving my career interest because I realized that I still need help in some areas related to awareness about the personal as well as professional skills.  Throughout the module the most things that I learned about myself is the lack of questioning to myself as this practice was most required to perform in the module. The exercise during the module made me to question to myself and find the answers of those questions. This started when I first got the exercise for session 3 about what is success for me? As this exercise needed self realization and honest exploration of my personality, I learned the importance of understanding role of personal skills in the decision making process in life.

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