With the beginning of the course, I experienced certain complexities in understanding the concepts and ideas of mathematics, which made it difficult for me to carry on the course. Mathematics is not a new subject for me, as I have been familiar with it since first grade. By coping up the conceptual problem associated with mathematical equations, I managed to understand the course. The accomplishments that I have achieved during this course are the understanding and application of mathematical equations in real life. The exercises and practices enabled me to repeat the concepts and memorize how and why specific sums are solved (Setek& Gallo, 2005).


The topics or concepts that have been a struggle so far in this course mainly include number system, sets, exponents, order and operations. Throughout the course, I found the above-mentioned mathematical topics and ideas as complex in nature that hinders in developing an understanding with them. The number system was complex due to involvement of distinct nature of numbers that are written to express the equation. Similarly, solving sets had been rather easy than applying it in real life. The difficulty faced in understanding exponents, order and operation system were based on their rules. I did not focus on memorizing and comprehending the rules involved in these ideas (Dyke, Rogers,& Adams, 2011).

In order to overcome the struggle, one action step I can take is to focus on the logic behind the mathematical equation. Fundamental nature of complexity I experienced in this course was due to the fact that I did not focus on the rules, as I find it quite difficult.  Therefore, by focusing on the logic of each concept, I can overcome the struggle (Schröder, 2010).

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