Factors Affecting Life Experience of Young People


Young people are considered as the major source of constant development and changes in the society, as they are the future of the world taking their societies to the level of high growth along with sustainable approach in the conventions of societies (Zastrow, 2009). Role of young people in the society is conditioned with their life experience that serves to their empowerment. It is found that the life experience of young people play vital role in determining their contribution to society, while social as well as political influence has been identified as major factor in making the life experience of young people either good or bad. However, social factors such as family, friends, school and social norms, values and structure influence the life experience of individuals, similarly, political scenario, conditions and political structure can also affect the young individuals (Fahmy, 2006).


Moreover, the changing social and political climate can also have considerable effects on the overall life experience of young individuals, affecting to youth empowerment. In the context of youth empowerment, it is found that colleagues can play important role by supporting and encouraging young people (Giddens, 2006). However, youth empowerment is not yet researched well this study aims to identify how social and political climate influences the life experience of young people. In this view, different factors adding to life experience of young individuals are identified to discuss the role of social as well as political climate. Colleagues and working partners considerably contribute a lot to life of young individuals, through this study it would be identified how co-workers, working partners and colleagues contribute in empowering the young individuals.

Factors Affecting the Life Experience of Young People

The life of young people is the reflection of their personal experiences, empowering them with enough skills and abilities to take care of themselves and participating in taking the decisions to affect their lives. On the other hand, this experience of the life of young people usually depends on the range of factors that includes the individual perception, personal events of life, family interactions, and number of social and economic factors. In addition, it also includes the political and economic environment in which that individual resides. Moreover, these factors also contribute in the development of behaviors and habits among the youth (Nilsen & Donelson, 2001).

Concerning the age, gender, language, and health also contributed towards the personal experiences of the young people assisting them in their decision-making powers. Hence, there is a need to make identification of the various factors that have significant impacts on the life experiences of the young people for formulating, implementing, and evaluating their abilities in order to live a better live in the society. These factors are briefly discussed below under their specific heads (Holosko & Lo, 2009).

Social Factor

Social factors are identified to be significant in affecting the life experience of individual and these effects is intensely deep when it comes to youth because young people are at the age of ongoing development and changes process and they are more likely to take the influence of environment (Chalk& Phillips, 1996). However, the constituents of social climate may include social structure, system, values, norms and other conventions based on the historical development (Regoli, Hewitt, & DeLisi, 2009). These variables are present in the society with their immense effect on every individual.  As defined above, social climate in any society is developed based on the predefined structure, system, values and norms; they together build individuals’ behavior, which is demonstrated in different social scenario, while the way individuals are treated and society functions influence in shaping the behavior of young people. The most common forces of society that are considered essential include family as basic social unit and other social organization such as schools, government, and social community (Shaffer, 2008).

Political Factors

According to Holosko & Lo (2009), emergence of new ways for making communication about political issues through social media, has significantly affected the youth participation resulting in an indispensible part of the life of young people. In a democratic country, it is observed that youth is being treated as a political citizen having rights to contribute in the political decisions of the state. In these countries, the young people experience their lives as a self-positioned person. On the other hand, youth living in the countries where dictatorship is being practiced, it has been viewed that they are less inclined towards the position to take their decisions at their own. Social media also plays an effective role in the articulation of the personal experiences of young people through the frequent debates on various political issues. However, the personal interest of an individual could also eliminate the effects of political factors on his personal life. The young people who are more focused towards the political activities are often found more empowered as compared to those people who are less concerned (Holosko & Lo, 2009).

Economic Factor

However, the economic factor is included and discussed in the context of social factors, due to its massive effects on the life experience of young individuals it is taken into account as separate effective factor influencing the individuals socially (Smelser & Swedberg, 2005). The rapid changes in the social structure is also responsible for the change in the economic factor, and changes in the economic structure have both positive as well as negative effects on young individuals. The economic factors that may include the creation of socio-economic classes and distribution of wealth, can lead to unemployment, inflation and economic injustice affecting the individuals’ behavior. Moreover, changes in the economic classes and extended class differences affect the individuals by developing frustration in them and changing their individual perception about economic growth and economic justice prevailing in the society.  However, numbers of other factors influences economic factor, individually, economic factor play viral role in shaping the social behavior of young individuals (Swedberg, 2007).

Cultural Factors

Likewise, the increase in the cultural diversity and interdependence of different societies has become of significant interest to the societies. The young peoples’ personal experiences also depend upon the culture or ethnicity to which they belong. The traditions reflecting their cultures also become the part of the individuals’ life experiences. It has been observed that the young people from the culturally diverse backgrounds also face some difficulties and additional challenges regarding the communication problems with other culture and diversity people.

Moreover, some of the cultures also promote the intergenerational conflicts badly affecting the life experiences of young people. The young people those who are associated with the eastern cultures, their life style and experiences are different from those brought up in the western culture. As it has been observed that people who belong to the western culture are more strong and powerful in order to take decision of their own as they are more focused on the individuality rather than the society (White & Pollak, 2010).


Hence, it has been observed that the life of a young people is considered as a basic potential for the societies in which he or she is living. The life of a youth is an integration of the various social, political, cultural and technological experiences. This is the reflection of his personal traditions, moral values, and judgmental aspects in the society. Apart from family, friends, communities and colleagues also played an important role in the formation of the structure of the life of an individual. Form this paper, it was identified that various factors affect the thinking patterns and understanding level of a young individual. Apart from societies, political environment of the society in which the young people resides ultimately help them in experiencing positive and negative impacts of these political factors. The political factors also results in the political unrest hampering the growth of the young individual in the society (Holosko & Lo, 2009).

It was also identified that the cross-cultural integration is also a significant factor help in the determination of the life of an individual. The minorities in a society do not get significant concerns from the authorities and the individuals belonging from these minority classes’ faces very bitter experiences due to this inequality. In addition, it was also observed that the political unrest and the crisis in the world also restrict the young people’s ability to fully exploit their skills and competencies. Moreover, it was also identified that the political and social violence results in the de-motivation of the young people leading to the e increase in the ratio of criminal activities in the society. This political unrest could also hamper the economic growth of the society in which young individuals are residing and as a result, they become the victim of price inflation and unemployment (Nilsen & Donelson, 2001).

Apart from these, the paper also highlighted the role of colleagues of young individual in the promotion of empowerment of them at the workplace. The cultural background and personal experiences of the co-workers also play an important role in the personal growth of individuals regarding decision-making. Likewise, the effective communication among various individuals at the workplace also plays significant role in the employee’s empowerment at the workplace. Hence, it could be concluded that the life experience of young people are consequence of the integration of various factors affecting their lives (Christopher Williams et al., 2003).

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