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It can be analyzed from the case study“Bust Up” that in the modern era of globalization, the structure, content and process of working within the organizations have totally changed.  The easiest way to get  help with assignment is to hire experienced writing companyThe competitive pressure, technological enhancements and diverse workforce have been a critical issue for the today’s management in the process of dealing (Burkea& Eddy, 2006). In addition, transformation of work, conflict management and group organization is required to be considered by the effective management in order to remain competitive (Burkea& Eddy, 2006). The report examines and investigates the concepts of changing nature of work in the context of providing solutions to the issues highlighted in the case study.  

Job Dissatisfaction and Management’s Strategy for Dealing with It

 According to literature presented by the authors Rosse& Saturay, (2004), there is a considerable impact of the personality traits on the individual’s reaction with respect to the job satisfaction. These effects can be measured at the varied levels of intensity. Always ask professional writers to  write my assignment. The results in that study showed that the more discontented an individual is with his work, there is the more possibility that he or she will get involved in the impulsive behavior. These behaviors might include quitting, disengaging, or retaliation despite adaptive attitude and behaviors. Similarly, the reactions that are identified in such situations in the current literature includes locus of control, withdrawal, conscientiousness, agreeableness, self-evaluations, impulsiveness and others (Rosse& Saturay, 2004).

In an another study, Dieleman et al., (2003) stated that company’s policies, working conditions, salary, status and relationship between the workforce within the organization ultimately help in making decision about the level and extent of dissatisfaction within an organization. As far as the Wendy’s response in the job dissatisfaction is considered, it can be examined that the same can result in the job avoidance, withdrawal, conflict and less commitment.  



Figure 1: EVLN Model (Vangel, 2011)

The above given EVLN model can best describe the actions of the Wendy in dissatisfaction situation. The model is the reflection of the expected approaches that can be used in the realization of response for the dissatisfaction (Vangel, 2011). These include Exit, Voice, Neglect and Loyalty.  According to Vangel, (2011), the job insecurity and role of employability can result in the higher intention to exit, less use of voice, and lower levels of loyalty.

On the other hand, in his work, Rehim, (2002) identified management’s strategy to deal with such job dissatisfaction can be work ethic and conflict management. Work ethic might be defined as the commitment to the value and significance of hard work. Quality  dissertation writing service uk available online. According to him, the ethical standards possess the ability to restrict the negative behavior of an individual. These can act as a boundary limiting the high value of changing work for them, as they cannot respond with the absent, quitting, hitting back or giving up. In addition to this, motivation can also be a solution for the management like Tanya in the case study. This is so because the aggressive behavior of Wendy was due to the growth opportunities. Herzberg’s theory has elaborated certain areas to be considered in order to remain satisfied (Mintzberg, 1998). These include achievement if the dissatisfaction is due to company policies; recognition if it is due to the supervision, the work itself in case of relationship with supervisor and peers, and responsibility, advancement and growth can be the best motivating factors, if the same is because of the salary, status and growth (Mintzberg, 1998). On the other hand, Dieleman et al., (2003) stated that the job of the manager is extremely difficult in the situations as the nature of the work keeps on changing within the organization and so as the requirements of the unforeseen events. With respect to his findings, disciplinary action would probably act as a constructive approach necessary for the dealing with the serious misconduct of the Wendy within the company.  Oral warning, written warning and suspension might be the consequences of such warning. However, this disciplinary action might be kept confidential between the employee and the manger in order to ensure the integrity of the employee (Dieleman et al., 2003). 

Stress Management Framework within the Organization   

Another important aspect highlighted within this case study relates to the psychological factor of stress as stress is not a personal attribute rather it is an outcome of the collective group working as Dierendonck et al., (2004) suggested. The solutions for it can be analyzed from the different literature including the findings of the study presented by the Dierendonck et al., (2004). The suggestions reflect that the leadership behavior and mental condition of the employees are interconnected with each other in a feedback loop. Hire  online thesis writer at affordable rates. The nature of relationship with the supervisor can ultimately help in the accomplishment of the desired task. On the other hand, according to the illustrations presented by the O’Driscoll& Beehr, (1994), within their study, it was stated that the reduction in the role indistinctness can help in the arbitration of the connection between the attitude of the supervisors and employee strain. By clearing the role of each individual under her supervision, Tanya can easily become successful in lowering down the extent of the psychological injuries. 

Moreover, according to O’Driscoll& Beehr, (1994), development of the effective action plan and framework might help in this situation to the Tanya when she is of the view that positive behavior is not enough at the workplace. The audit of workplace stressors is concentrated within this current literature. Buy  coursework writing service uk online. Strict compliance on rules and regulations in context of the attendance, welfare of group along with the availability of the equal opportunities can help a lot in this situation (O’Driscoll& Beehr, 1994). Likewise, in his study, Goldsmiths, (2008) highlighted that, the constant evaluation of the employees demand, control, guidance, role, relationships and change can help a lot in this situation. It should also be noted that stress management does not refers to the independent activity at all, as the same is the part of the normal and general management activities. Self-assessment, upward feedback or 360-degree feedback can also become helpful in providing assistance to the manager in assessing the gaps related to skills as it is complicated for the managers to focus on the individual in particular (Goldsmiths, 2008).    

Four-Drive Theory Approach 

Four-drive theory in the organization can help Tanya in the accomplishment of the motivational element for the acquisition, bonding, learning and defense (White, 2005). All these are of varying nature within the human psychology. According to the study of Ocran, (2010), it is considered necessary and feasible by the workplace managers to make measurement about the employee perceptions related to the workplace. A bonding culture can promote the supporting environment that will ultimately help in the best practices and people oriented environment within the company. In addition, the work that is of great interest to the dissatisfied staff and clinical nurses must be allotted to them as opportunities of gaining new knowledge and learning along with the challenging assignments can have positive impacts on the relationship between the staff and management i.e. Tanya (Ocran, 2010). Get  research paper writing help by qualified team of writers. As the Four-Drive model introduced by the Lawrence and Nohria in the study of White, (2005), also suggests the neutralizing drive for the workforce. It can be depicted that treatment of the managers to all the employees under his supervision at the work can help in lowering down the aggressive behavior (White, 2005). Similarly, according to Yearta et al., (1995), the performance rating system must also be open and transparent that capable of encouraging the open communication in order to deal within the environment that is capable of adapting the changing nature of market due to impacts of globalization. The different researchers such as Goldsmiths, (2008) and Rosse& Saturay, (2004) have also stressed on the same approach, because the same help in the satisfaction of the employees after distinguishing the same through job. The technological developments and measures can become the source of assistance for Tanya as by empowering employees within the desired limit, she can authorize them in carrying out specifically assigned task. With this policy, attitudes of the clinical nurses would also be changed as the empowerment and recognition are identified as the assisting parameters by the in the modification of the employees behavior.           

Equity Theory Framework Approach

Adams (1965) relocated the thoughts and ideas of Festinger's to the workplace and developed a theory that has appeared to be recognized as equity theory (Landy& Conte, 2009). Equity theory is a theory that endeavors towards explanation of the relational satisfaction in terms of insight of fair/unfair distributions of resources within interpersonal relationships (Landy& Conte, 2009). Management literature like Brown, (2004), has also emphasized upon the equality of the ratio of inputs and outputs within an organization as a helpful strategy. Employees must get the outcomes in relevance to what they have contributed within the company (Brown, 2004). However, in deciding about the equitable treatment within the organization, for the managers, it is worth noting about the employees’ perceptions in context of the equitable and inequitable treatment. Benefits, flexible reward arrangements, and tangible benefits help in the motivation of employees within the company whose consequences and implications can be examined from the set parameters like employees’ morale, efficiency, productivity and turnover (Brown, 2004). The assumptions on which the theory is based is also required to be considered by the management in order to manage the same effectively (Brown, 2004). These are described by the Alexander et al., (2001) in detail, and included the expectation of the fair return, which is ultimately made after the fair return policy within the company. Sometimes the excessive executive pay acts as a demotivating factor within the organization because when the authority is enhanced for any individual, he or she started considering themselves as free from responsibilities. The situation can get opposite when employee start believing that he is paid more for what he has actually given to the company in this case; the efforts might increase (Alexander et al., 2001). These assumptions are required to be considered by Tanya in dealing with the behavior of Wendy. In case of failure, she should make communication of the entire scenario to the top management.                


Hence, it can be summarized from the theories and models discussed by present researches here that the employees and management relationship within every organization, is of critical nature (Goldsmiths, 2008). The changing nature of businesses into the globalized one has been acting as a parameter that ultimately requires a behavioral framework by the management that is capable of delivering the desired results (Burkea& Eddy, 2006). The above discussion presents relative points on the management of workforce within the large company like the one being operated by the Tanya. It was depicted that the soft and positive attitude cannot ultimately result in the supportive and encouraging environment (O’Driscoll& Beehr, 1994). Sometimes, strict policies and regulations become necessary for the accomplishment of the desired task. Stress management framework, disciplinary action, equity theory implementation and four-drive theory approach can be of great significance for the mangers dealing with the behavior of the employees those are not satisfied.  

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