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Recent Academic Samples

Situations for Writing

• Identify the types of writing you do at work, at school, and in your personal life. Even if you aren’t writing essays, what type of writing is the writing that you do? • How would the type of writing change depending on the different writing situation?

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Factors Affecting Life Experience of Young People

How does the social and political climate influence how young people experience their lives and how can those who work with and support them also empower them.

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Reflect on your experience so far in this class and then write 6 to 10 sentences in which you: 1. Describe the accomplishments you have achieved during this course. 2. Discuss one (1) or two (2) topics or concepts that have been a struggle so far. 3. Describe one (1) action step you can take to overcome your struggles. Your assignment must: • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. • No cover page is needed for this assignment. Your name should be in the top right corner of the paper.

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Scale and Scope of Firms and Neoclassical Theory

This section will discuss the problems posed by the separation of ownership from control. It will consider the problems of managing and controlling complex organisations where information is imperfect, contracts incomplete and there are opportunities, and incentives, to engage in ‘opportunistic behaviour’.

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Personal and Career Development

This assignment requires submitting a "REFLECTIVE WRITING" which is based on a student's experience during a "Personal and Career Development" module at a European Business School (2nd year). It has to be as specific as possible regarding the content of the module, so I am going to e-mail the following material separately: 1. The module's description (syllabus of the module). 2. The assessment criteria of the "reflective writing". 3. Photocopied material from a textbook, which describes how to write a "reflective writing". As the professor writes in the assessment criteria: "We are looking for you to demonstrate knowledge of different reflective approaches, as well as evidence of your learning from the seminars, homework activities.

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Mental Health Illness and how it leads to Substance Abuse

Mental Health Illnesses (bipolar, anxiety and depression) and how they can lead to substance abuse

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The impact of FDI inflows on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Analyse the impact of FDI inflows on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.Focus must be on the region, not on individual countries.Structure of the essay:1. Introduction (150 words)- Give a brief overview of the specific topic of the essay and say what is in each section 2. Theory Section (700 words)- Don’t just describe the theory, assess it- Explains why, in theory, we would expect FDI inflows to contribute positively to a host country’s growth rate, and why it might have a negative impact on a host country’s growth rate- Use the Solow - Swan Theory of Economic Growth and the Endogenous Growth Theories (Findley 1978 - a theory of technology transfer to show how FDI might increase economic growth, particually interested in the externalities spillovers; Gerschenkron 1952 - connection between a country’s distance from the WTF and its rate of economic growth)- End the theory section with a concluding paragraph which summarises the main points made3. Empirical evidence (1500 words)- Present an overview of the results of empirical tests of the theories relevant to the essay topic. Don’t just DESCRIBE, ANALYSE THEM.- Focus on the findings; don’t reproduce the model and don’t describe the methodology in any detail.- Give a concluding paragraph for the empirical evidence section.4. Conclusion (400 words)- Give a summary of the main pointsReferences:Reference list should contain at least 15 academic papers. The references should be drawn from relevant academic journals. Also, you MUST provide some direct quotes to support and strenghten the points you make, but no single quote should be longer than 40 words. And NEVER present two quotes back to back.Please use the Harvard Referencing Style!

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Business Planning and Finance in Apple Inc

1. Using your own company and industry as the focus of your analysis, prepare a critical evaluation of the role, potential and contribution that business planning has to offer.2. Using your knowledge of key concepts, tools and techniques, identify and evaluate the key ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ system factors that are known to impact upon success and failure in the development/implementation of business plans in the same industry.3. Within your own organisation, review how business plans are currently developed and evaluated and compare the latter with issues of suitability, feasibility and acceptability that take into account strategic position, resources and competencies and expected performance outcomes.4. Briefly review the ways by which fully-costed business plans are prepared, defended and approved in your own organisation, commenting where appropriate on areas for improvement5. How the approach does identified in the first part of element 4 above, compare with ‘best practice’?

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